Youre facing an emergency and you need to spare some cash to stay flowing, buying things needed, etc. Car title loans are a toallly effective way to reciieve extra cash once your applyied within 24 hours, and brought your car to see how are the actual conditions on it. No one will ask you why youre borrowing that money for, this is an excellent opportunity since you can keep your car and stay driving it as normal. Even when law are regulating this kind of loans, they are very popular in american states, maybe you can become a new member of the club once you undestood how it works.

What is a Car Title Loan ?

We can define a Car title loan as a short term contract where a lender borrows money to people who needs cash quick to cover emergencies or financial related issues. No matter why you need the moneyif your get a loan and give your car title in exchange then you applyed for a car title loan.

Differences betweet a car title loan and Auto Pawn Loan

Once you give your car to a pawn shop an agreed a sale price you will lose your car, instead of when you apply for a car title loan which is almost the oposite, you will receive an important ammount of money in exchange of the title of your car, your lender will keep a copy an then you can drive aout your home with cash on your pockets, this will be better than giving your car forever. Once you pay the borrowed money you can take back your car, but, if youre unable too pay your loan then your lender will keep the car an will sell it to take back his money of course your credit score will be affected.

Requiremets to borrow money with you car title

Once you minded if you want to apply for a car loan you will be asked for the following requirements:

  1. You should have at least 18 years old.
  2. Bring the original title of your car.
  3. Title must be clear.
  4. The car should not be more than 15 years old.

Documents required for getting a cartitle Loan

Now here you may find the needed documentation:

  1. Identification Proof
  2. Age Proof
  3. Income Proof
  4. Original Title of your Car with none Liens
  5. Utility Bills
  6. Vehicle Registration and Insurance

 How must be getting a Car Title Loan ?

Like many other loan processes you can submit an application from your lender an then he will see if youre qualified to getting a loan, in most of cases people gets approved since these kind of loand didnt ask major information and documentation from the borrowers who usually are persons with bad credit and just want to bump up alittle bit their credit score, your car gots checked and evaluated to calculate the final ammount you will receive. If you pay on time your loan you can get back your car if not the lender will sell it